Research topics

Some of the topics that bring us together as a group of researchers are this ones that follows:

Computational Imaging:

Computational imaging is the generation of images using algorithms that relies on a great amount of computing. How can we improve the resolution of the obtained images? And how to do it effectively? Those are some questions we want to give a deeper look at.

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Compressive sensing:

Compressive sensing is a technique for the adquistion of a signal and be enable to reconstruct it. An example of this can be found in holography.

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Signal processing:

The signal processing is an area of the electrical engineering that allow us to analyze, modify and synthetize signal in the form of scientific measurements, sound, images, information, among others. This field have a lot of impact in our dailylife and has a great amount of applications in the industry.

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Adaptive optics:

Adaptive optics is a modern technique that we can use to correct the effects that the atmosphere has in our vision of celestial objects in the sky. One of them is the turbulence, for example. With this, we can improve the optical systems performance to obtain high quality images of the things that we’re looking at.

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